Bianca Mattei-Miller

Digital Marketing Sales Consultant

Pittston Pennsylvania/NEPA (Northeast Pa)

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A lifelong creative problem solver who lives and works in Northeast Pennsylvania, Bianca enjoys exploring the community with family and friends, volunteering with animals, and creating art.  Her areas of focus are crafting content that engages, informs, educates and entertains followers as well as social media strategy, design, and management for small businesses. She has experience in social media management, marketing, personal branding, and content creation. Bianca is passionate in helping cultivate an easy and effortless digital marketing and advertising experience for all her clients with a positive, can-do attitude. Small businesses help someone find their dream home, capture important moments with awing photographs, and empower others to achieve their goals. Bianca believes small businesses create positive change in this world. It is such a privilege being a part of the process helping business owners grow their audience. Many small businesses don’t advertise because they don’t have the time to figure it out and they don’t want to waste money trying to figure it out, understandable. Small businesses owners wear many hats. Bianca can help bring all the tools together in one place for (you) a small business owner to better manage their online presence (website, social, reviews, advertising). She prides herself in knowing she can help you reach your goals!

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