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Claudia has been in sales and advertising since 1993 at The Orange County Register. From there, Claudia learned about bundling TV ads for cable networks before making her way to Showtime Networks where she was able to successfully solidify an agreement between SN and a cable company; a rare accomplishment for her position. Moving to New York, she introduced some of the first urban clothing companies such as Enece, Fubu, Kangol and Sean Jean to a billboard company, which were often a missed category on Madison Avenue. After moving back to California, she was able to generate over $60 million in real estate loans and create passive income with a ROI in 4 years. She returned to sales and advertising working as an Independent Sales Executive for Getty Images and was offered an in-house sales position at Getty Images to help manage almost $4 million dollars in revenue for mid-size businesses. This is where she learned the importance of licensing and protecting companies' creative work. Claudia is excited to continue consulting with businesses on how to successfully position themselves in their marketing efforts. Having grown her own brand Sonoma Wine Nest successfully online, she understands the blindspots a lot of small businesses can miss online. Claudia has a leading edge of strategies and products working with the iMedia Sales Team and all they can offer.

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