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Claudine Williams is an energetic, creative, dedicated, and tenacious visionary with a reputation for consummate professionalism and exemplary ethics. She offers over 25 years' experience in Mass Communications, Sales, and Marketing with a broad knowledge base and professional skillset.Before joining the IMedia Audiences sales team, Claudine dedicated eight years to the Vision Care industry as a Marketing Specialist and Wholesale Distributor of luxury eyewear brands. Claudine is the Founder of the STRIVE Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to developing viable eclectic training programs to strengthen communities by restoring family bonds. She is also the host of the Google podcast, "GO Eyes Talk," where guests are invited to share personal stories of triumph and success with listeners.Claudine is a proud graduate of Texas Tech University, receiving her M.A. degree in Strategic Communication & Innovation and a Graduate Certificate in Advanced Digital and Social Media. She is also an Alumni of Columbia College Chicago, majoring in Broadcast Media.  In her spare time, Claudine enjoys blogging, cooking, and exploring STEM projects with her 3 yr old son.

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