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President/Founder & Local Market Manager Boston, MA


Boston, MA/Worcester, MA/Greater Boston Ma


Josh is an accomplished online advertising and new media sales and marketing professional with over 10 years in online media sales. Early in his career he founded, a college newspaper broker, which merged with College Publisher/Y2M (now part of MTV/Viacom). Most recently, Josh managed the online advertising and content sales team at (The Weather Channel Companies/NBC Universal). At, Josh’s team broke the all-time monthly revenue record 3 out of 6 months (Q3 and Q4). Before, Josh opened New England for United Online (NASDAQ: UNTD,, NetZero, Juno, FTD Floral) and quickly became the top revenue producer. At Y2M Josh was a top rep and sold the first advertising for and other properties. Josh has earned an MBA in Strategy from Boston University, and a BA in Marketing Communications from Brigham Young University.

About iMedia Audiences – Local Digital Advertising and Social Media: Many small businesses don’t advertise because they don’t have the time to figure it out AND they don’t want to waste money trying to figure it out. Our local market experts take the guessing out of digital advertising. We do what we know makes sense to you and to us.

Number 1: make sure your customers can find you online.Number 2: make sure prospective customers looking for your services can find you.
Number 3: make sure your prospective customers choose you over your competitor.

Small business owners who are experts at what they do, but know they need help with their digital presence and online marketing. We are experts in our field and we want to work for customers who are experts in their field. We bring all the tools together in one place for a small business owner to better manage their online presence (website, social, reviews, advertising) or hire our virtual platform assistants to work for them. See


1. Expert at helping brands and agencies do big sponsorships with premium media brands (CNN/ThisOldHouse/Ancestry etc.)
2. Helping emerging media companies build products that can drive digital Media Revenue
3. Help small business owners maximize their online presence (website, social, reviews, advertising) See here for what we suggest for Local Business

Focus Products

1) CNN Newsource Video on 800 Broadcast Sites
2) and AskThisOldHouse TV, OTT, and Digital (working with major brands, landscapers, etc)
3) Digital Business Development Local Small (Micro)

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