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My name is Mario Siegel and a few years ago when my own parents died, I thought what a great shame it was that all their achievements, from a lifetime of hard work, would die with them.   With this in mind, I thought it would be a good idea to have a website so their stories could be saved, a file in which their achievements could be written and illustrated with photographs or even videos. A place where their lives could be accessed by future generations, a place that would always be there for grandchildren, or any interested party, to really get a feel of what they were like.   If you’re famous, there’ll be plenty of information about your life, in books or in the media, but does that mean you should be forgotten, if you’re just an average person?   Of course not, your achievements, as ordinary person are the backbone of the nation and its your contribution that makes the country great.   Why not take a little while to write a few words about the life of your loved one so their contribution will be remembered forever. With so many achievements in ending my degrees in Biomedical Engineering and Digital Media. I am so  excited what life has for me. Speaking  so many languages, English, Spanish, French and Hebrew.  I want to reach out to the world and see my fullest taking  my life to shoot the stars.

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