Reggie Bolden


VP National Digital Sales


Reggie comes with over twenty years of marketing/advertising and sales experience. Starting his career as Independent business owner, Reggie has worked in the advertising, consulting and Management Advisor role. This was followed by what eventually would become Reggie’s main career focus: the buying and selling of various types of advertising, including print, direct mail and internet. Shortly thereafter Reggie started his own marketing firm, The Bolden MEDIA Organization, Inc. and continued brokering media products for over 20 years. Recognizing his integrity and honesty, as well as his attention to detail, these customers would remain loyal to him for over two decades. He then merged with another media buying agency and continued to bring buyers and sellers together. Throughout Reggie’s career, he has been completely dedicated to the concept that to be a  Media Broker, you must always listen carefully to the needs of potential client needs, and only then, uncover the perfect match With extensive experience in consultative relationship building, Reggie is poised to his client’s needs. Because of his tenures in advertising and consulting, Reggie has a broad range of business knowledge from Law firms, Real Estate. Home Services & Medical practices to Fortune 500 companies and because of Reggie’s business ownership experience, managing complex sales transactions are second nature to him. Whether you are interested in Reputation Management or You Tube Video Marketing, PR Press Release, Customized Online Marketing/Facebook Marketing let his unique skills go to work for you. Reggie has earned a BA in Business Administration/Concentration: Advertising Towson State College, Towson, MD.

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