Samuele Davis


Samuele has a passion for helping local business owners, big and small, use the digital world as a tool to expand their client base and realize their full potential.

 Samuele is a millennial from Des Moines Iowa who understands how impactful a digital campaign can be on the masses, and also how confusing and overwhelming it can be to run a business and stay on top of a campaign.

Samuele works with all types of businesses ranging from landscaping, home services, healthcare, legal, dental/medical, and any other business, local or otherwise wanting to get the most out of their online/digital efforts. 

After playing college football, and graduating with a B.S. from University of Northern Iowa in 2017, Samuele continues to channel his competitive nature with the businesses and clients he works with to help their business/service stand out from the rest on the world wide web.

Although his experience in the business-professional world is young, Samuele’s 10 year experience as a music producer & engineer has catered to his passion for helping individuals’ ideas come to life. 

He has helped dozens of artists create their vision from scratch and share it with the world on digital platforms. Now, he takes those same skills and uses them to help businesses and brands reach markets that were impossible before.

In a world full of ads and oversaturated markets, tons of businesses in the Mid-West are in need of direction with their digital marketing/advertising efforts.

Samuele’s goal is not only to help guide your business’ online efforts, but to give you high direction in the advertising world to help you better understand where your money is going and how it is helping your business grow!