Laurie Connelly

Digital Marketing Sales Consultant

Nashua, NH

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Laurie is a growing professional in the digital marketing industry. She is currently on track to receive her associates August 2025 in Marketing from Southern New Hampshire University. She has experience in managing social media accounts for small businesses. Her experience includes conducting market research, creating and managing content, analyzing data and creating promotions. While managing their social media accounts, she discovered her passion for helping small businesses grow and thrive in the digital world. Laurie understands the importance of how small businesses contribute to the local community while supporting their families. Many small businesses don’t advertise because they don’t have the time or money to waste to try to figure it out. Life in general can be busy at times, and when you throw a business in the mix, it can become overwhelming. Laurie can help take off some of the stress that comes with running a small business. She can help bring all the tools together in one place for (you) a small business owner to better manage their online presence (website, social, reviews, advertising). She prides herself in knowing she can help you reach your goals!

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