iMediaSalesTeam, Reptide Media, and iMediaAudiences have combined to build the leading platform for independent media professionals to work together.  Our Sales and Success Portal offers a robust marketing, sales, and media  fulfillment platform that can be leveraged by consultants, small agencies, and other sales teams to diversify sales products and offer core digital products.  Our iMediaSalesTeam Dashboard connects you to our expert team of independent media professionals with our exclusively represented media brands  and drive results for your advertisers.

We are building a team of independent media professionals who work as a team to cover regions across the U.S.–providing immediate coast to coast coverage for media and ad tech partners.

  • Members can sell core digital products that any company large or small needs to be successful in today’s digital world.
  • Members gain exclusive access to our portfolio of premium sites and media companies.
  • Members can represent our portfolio is specific geos as well as offer additional services like ad operations for websites/media companies.
  • Members get the support to consult for social, media tech, and new media companies looking for strategy, marketing, and sales services.
  • We help members develop new marketing, advertising, and sales channels and solutions to help brands achieve market goals and drive ROI.


2nd Act Careers and Looking Forward

On LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/2nd-act-careers-looking-forward-joshua-iverson/ Write an article #BoomerTalent in a #MillennialWorld. I wanted to take a moment to share an interview I just had with Paul Vogelzang @notoldbetter The Not Old Better Show podcast. The interview focuses on the idea of an encore career and talks about working with iMediaSalesTeam as one of our independent (1099 media sales professionals) you can […]

No more “Death of a Salesman” Cold Calls When you Have a Network

The landscape of B2B transactions is an intimidating one to a cold caller. When trying to secure media spending goes towards the content you sell, or the opposite, it pays to have a network. The network that iMedia Sales Team provides means that you will always have a source of leads and a team to help direct and strategize with. […]

18 Reasons Why iMedia has a Better Work Life balance

“I did not need experience with online advertising to get started, I could learn to sell advertising. I needed the determination to design my schedule around my priorities, and that I had.” – Sharon Edlefsen, Wife and Mother There never seems to be enough hours in the day to focus on our real priorities in life. This became apparent when Paul and Sharon Edlefsen […]

More Income, Less Tax, and the Peaking Digital Market: 3 Key Reasons to Be an Independent Media Professional in 2018

Written by: Josh Iverson, @JoshiMediaSales Regardless of your politics, the new tax plan is going to be a boom for freelance or independent 1099 contractors–both those who have formed their own LLC and sole proprietors. Independent media professionals like our team at iMediaSalesTeam will also benefit from the tax cut. Ryan Westenskow, Partner at Red Rock CPAs says, “assuming they are […]

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Why Do Media Companies Hire Our Firm?

What Sets Us Apart


With people on the East Coast, Mid-West, and West Coast we leverage top performing sales people across the US, who have the ability to make as much money selling your site as they would anywhere. (We are always looking for strong experienced hunters looking to make $200K+/year)


All our web properties receive weekly pipeline reports and participate in weekly team meetings to ensure one on one communication is occurring both “pre” and “post” sale between our sales people and the web property’s operations team.


Our method for achieving volume revenue is a dual approach between securing stable ad media budgets at CPMs, and matching industries and advertisers with our web property’s audience and how users interact with the property.


Revenue from advertising is our core. As a team we’ve sold over $200MM in advertising: banners, emails, registration path, etc. By partnering with us, our web properties are free to enhance their own core, be that in product development, operations, or other revenue streams.

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