7 Simple Takeaways On Finding An Expert…

What To Look For In a Digital Marketing “Specialist” If you’ve been in business for some time, you may have experienced some rough lessons in choosing people to work with. I like how David Metzer, whom I often listen to his podcasts, training, and mentorship, instructs on the importance of vetting. He says, Vet! Vet! Vet! We can be subject […]

Summer Planning: Crafting Your 2024 Digital Advertising Roadmap

It still feels like we lost 2 years of our life to Covid it was good for home improvement and bad for restaurants but it’s time to shake off the jitters of the past market and embrace the strong consumer economy and low unemployment!  Advertising will help drive consumer confidence to spend on your local business!  Check out the 2021 […]

Planning for the Summer Surge 2021

An Advertising Roadmap for the Return to Normal Communities and consumers are preparing for a ‘return to normal’ as summer months draw closer.  This creates a huge opportunity for businesses to get in front of consumers while they are planning what they do and where they spend their time and money. As Harvard Business Review states, “We want to resume […]

Healthcare and Tourism Plan for the Summer Surge

      Planning for the Summer Surge 2021 Updated for 2024 Embracing Summer 2024: Crafting a Strategic Advertising Roadmap 

Don’t Pay More Than $510 Per Month On Social Media Unless You Have This…

If you think Social Media is important enough for you to need Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest, you need to read this. In order for social media to work, you need to have 5 working departments. Front Desk Your social media presence needs to help your business run. Having an assistant help you manage your social presence is like maintaining the […]

IAB Study Shows Brands Should Advertise on Trusted News, Video?

iMediaAudiences Sees Record Level of Traffic and Engagement on News Sites: IAB study shows consumers appreciate brands more when they advertise in the news. HARVARD, MA, USA, October 14, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — iMediaAudiences Sees Record Level of Traffic and Engagement on News Sites: IAB study shows consumers appreciate brands more when they advertise in the news. iMediaAudiences, which represents the […]

2nd Act Careers and Looking Forward

On LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/2nd-act-careers-looking-forward-joshua-iverson/ Write an article #BoomerTalent in a #MillennialWorld. I wanted to take a moment to share an interview I just had with Paul Vogelzang @notoldbetter The Not Old Better Show podcast. The interview focuses on the idea of an encore career and talks about working with iMediaSalesTeam as one of our independent (1099 media sales professionals) you can […]

No more “Death of a Salesman” Cold Calls When you Have a Network

The landscape of B2B transactions is an intimidating one to a cold caller. When trying to secure media spending goes towards the content you sell, or the opposite, it pays to have a network. The network that iMedia Sales Team provides means that you will always have a source of leads and a team to help direct and strategize with. […]

18 Reasons Why iMedia has a Better Work Life balance

“I did not need experience with online advertising to get started, I could learn to sell advertising. I needed the determination to design my schedule around my priorities, and that I had.” – Sharon Edlefsen, Wife and Mother See Sharon’s Masterclass: There never seems to be enough hours in the day to focus on our real priorities in life. This became apparent […]

More Income, Less Tax, and the Peaking Digital Market: 3 Key Reasons to Be an Independent Media Professional in 2018

Written by: Josh Iverson, @JoshiMediaSales Regardless of your politics, the new tax plan is going to be a boom for freelance or independent 1099 contractors–both those who have formed their own LLC and sole proprietors. Independent media professionals like our team at iMediaSalesTeam will also benefit from the tax cut. Ryan Westenskow, Partner at Red Rock CPAs says, “assuming they are […]


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