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#BoomerTalent in a #MillennialWorld. I wanted to take a moment to share an interview I just had with Paul Vogelzang @notoldbetter The Not Old Better Show podcast. The interview focuses on the idea of an encore career and talks about working with iMediaSalesTeam as one of our independent (1099 media sales professionals) you can find the podcast on iTunes here – or on Paul’s site https://notold-better.com/.

If you are looking to move into and encore career in sales or biz dev consider digital and social advertising and marketing by representing top online sites that hire our team exclusively to work on their behalf. Checkout iMediaSalesTeam.com/careers and we’ll get you on a networking call with a mentor or fellow team members to see if there are open territories to join our virtual team.

Our firm didn’t start with a strategic focus to partner with boomers and we didn’t start out with a focus to represent top Boomer websites like Ancestry, Legacy, and NextAvenue.org (or represent top Millennial/College media sites like custom data for Facebook and ReptideMedia). I had a strategic focus to partner with best-in-the-world sales professionals who could see the opportunity of exclusivity working on behalf of top sites and media companies. Today, 90% of the current iMediaSalesTeam is age 55+ and we are proud of it. We are just a tight group of pros working as fellow team members. More experience, more contacts, more knowing what you want and need in life, more everything. I get to be a support coordinator and learn everyday from my colleagues and we mentor each other.

iMediaSalesTeam/iMediaAudiences is moving into our own encore, we are taking what we’ve all learned and opening it up to more regions and more independent media professionals and taking on more sites and partners who share our vision and can commit to our team. We are looking at representing podcasters with 1MM + streams per episode and sites with 500K+ plus monthly unique visitors who need ad ops, ad serving, an sales people support.

These comments are focused on the #ageism that I’ve observed from media sales colleagues (mostly male 50+) in hot markets (NY etc.) who can’t seem find a decent gig…working for bad companies, changing jobs every 3 months, bad mangers who know less and get paid more, and even hourly gigs are in short supply, however, I’m sure a similar article could be written about a similar lack of gig opportunities for new moms who are looking for flexibility and can’t seem to get the same gig they had before baby. We welcome and love our mammas just as much as 50+ adults;) See this spotlight article of iMediaSalesTeam member Sharon Edlefson.

Today, there are more opportunities in building a business as a #contract #freelance digital social/marketing professional than ever. If you are motivated, organized, good at sales or business development and are considering real estate, insurance, or starting your own business you might considering looking at the iMediaSalesTeam/iMediaAudiences/ReptideMedia platform and model. If you’ve sold media fantastic if you haven’t we can mentor/train you. Fill in the form at iMediaSalesTeam.com/careers and we’ll get you on a networking call with a mentor or fellow team members to see if there are opportunities to join our virtual team.

Here are some articles on the age gap that exist for the 50+:




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