As the summer of 2024 approaches restaurants need customers! Plus ample inventory and service providers clamoring for more customers, it's a prime moment to seize the spotlight.

It still feels like we lost 2 years of our life to Covid it was good for home improvement and bad for restaurants but it’s time to shake off the jitters of the past market and embrace the strong consumer economy and low unemployment!  Advertising will help drive consumer confidence to spend on your local business!  Check out the 2021 summer update right after COVID here:

As the summer of 2024 approaches, communities and consumers alike are eagerly anticipating a return to normalcy, presenting a golden opportunity for businesses to re-engage with their audience. With ample inventory and service providers clamoring for more customers, it’s a prime moment to seize the spotlight.

Phase 1: March-May – Setting the Stage

During this initial phase, businesses must communicate their reopening strategies and entice customers with compelling reasons to choose their offerings. It’s a crucial time to establish brand presence and reassure patrons about safety measures and operational changes. Leveraging Local SEO and proactive communication channels like AI Chatbots can enhance accessibility and engagement, with users expecting interactions to be smarter than many phone receptionists.

Phase 2: May & June – Standing Out in the Crowd

With the widespread vaccine rollout, May and June mark the reawakening of communities, resulting in a surge of foot traffic and spending. Businesses must distinguish themselves from competitors by highlighting unique selling points and emphasizing factors like superior customer service and health-conscious practices. Strategic programmatic advertising, including geo-fencing competitor locations, becomes instrumental in capturing the attention of potential customers.

Phase 3: July – September – Seizing the Momentum

By July through September, businesses can capitalize on the fully reopened landscape to drive conversions, track results, and leverage the economic recovery. Promotions tailored to various customer segments, coupled with messaging centered around resilience and value, are key to maximizing reach and revenue. A balanced digital ad mix, encompassing programmatic display, retargeting, and Device ID targeting, ensures sustained engagement and conversion.

Targeting Strategies: Customer loyalty is up for grabs.
Businesses must target:
– Past customers seeking reassurance and updates.
– Local patrons eager to support community establishments.
– Look-alike audiences resembling their best customers, ensuring relevance and resonance.

Recommended Strategies:

1. Local Listings SEO: Optimize online presence for maximum visibility and accuracy.
2. AI Chatbots Integration: Enhance customer communication and lead capture efficiency, with users expecting interactions to be smarter than many phone receptionists.
3. Google Search and Google Display: Target and track audience engagement for optimized results.
4. Retargeting: Drive repeat visits and purchases through personalized messaging.
5. Video Ads OTT/CTV with Targeting: Reach relevant audiences, including past customers and local demographics.  Cable only reaches 25-40% because more than 1/2 of all TV consumers have cut the chord! 


Consumers seek positive associations like perseverance and celebration. Messaging should emphasize:
– Deals and Offers: Highlight promotions to drive purchasing decisions.
– Showcase Value: Differentiate through reputation, testimonials, and quality.
– Safety Measures: Assure adherence to guidelines while maintaining service standards.

Case Study: Maximizing Restaurant Returns Through Strategic Google Ads Display

  • Objective: Increase restaurant business on lower-traffic days.
  • Challenge: Budget constraints and limited ability to track previous digital ads.
  • Solution: Implemented a Google Display campaign targeting local markets based ‘slow day’ with an ‘offer’ and only running on Mondays and Wednesdays.
  • Results: Achieved an 15x ROI with ‘noticeable increase’ from business and reviews left, demonstrating the effectiveness of strategic display advertising in driving tangible results.

As businesses gear up for the summer of 2024, a proactive advertising roadmap will be instrumental in navigating the evolving landscape and seizing opportunities for growth and success.


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Case Study: Maximizing Restaurant Returns Through Strategic Google Ads Display


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