If you think Social Media is important enough for you to need Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest, you need to read this.

In order for social media to work, you need to have 5 working departments.

  • Front Desk

Your social media presence needs to help your business run. Having an assistant help you manage your social presence is like maintaining the front desk.

Think about how this assistant responds to your customer’s questions, good or bad reviews, or needs that you can immediately promote or respond to quickly in a timely manner.

Having all social media platforms work efficiently is the job of your Social Media Manager at your front desk 24/7.

Keep your business running by being open at all times online.


  • Quality Control: (aka Your Online Reputation)

Your reputation nowadays can go viral and the next thing you know, your business can be on the local news. This can either have an amazing or ultra-damaging effect. You decide.

If companies have QC (Quality Control) departments, welcome to the new QC department: your Social Media Manager. Your SMM should have the skills to properly monitor reviews as well as a customer service supervisor.

Let’s face it. Consumers love to share their piece of mind on what they thought their experience was, either it was too fast, too slow, not enough, and did-it-meet-their-immediate-gratification-today? Not only is technology moving at warp speed but so is the expectancy of your customer which is vital to understand in today’s digital commerce.

1.   Who answers your phones?

2.   How long are they waiting on hold to be serviced?

3.   Was the person on the phone courteous and helpful?

4.   Did they meet the caller’s expectations?

This is just for starters on how your Social Media Manager can address upper management on what needs to be done. What is your SMM reporting to upper management on what needs to be improved? And fast?

  • Marketing Department

Engage your followers, (aka your target audience). If you’re advertising, what is your cost per sale? Once you make the sale, what is your customer retention rate?

Are you connecting with your customers on social platforms? Do you have templates to easily post and respond quickly within a day or two? What are people most likely talking about that would be helpful to know how to navigate your business more efficiently?

If you’re not engaging with your followers, guess what? Your competition is. Social media is a fabulous way for your competition to connect with your prospects while they are commenting on Facebook as they are looking for leads. Your leads.

Yesterday, a customer’s engagement would be just between you and them. Now, it’s you, them, and Facebook. Make sure not to lose customers to your competition this way.

Your competition that does so well on Facebook that you want to emulate are 1) paying attention to their QC by providing excellent service 2) offering them what their pain points are with your business, 3) acquiring your customers.

  • Lead Gen

Generate leads using Social Media. It’s amazing how LinkedIn has now offered businesses a way to attract and attain leads on their website. How genius! Well, are you watching?

If your Social Media Manager is not offering you leads, why aren’t they? Why not have your SMM generate digital and social leads? Leads should come from all over the internet and a way to find them is digitally (online) and socially.

  • Analytics Department

Improve your digital presence to improve your sell-through rateIt’s no wonder how tech giants have grown their sell-through rate by taking the demand of their online presence. It’s what makes a local company national and a national company global.

Even if you want to stay local, you will have to manage your online presence just to stay afloat because the global competitor is already an expert at reaching for your customers. (I can show you how this is done too.)

Businesses big and small have a huge advantage like never before. The key is in understanding how to sift through all this data. (Oh, and we haven’t talked about data too.)

And this is just the management part of it. This doesn’t cover making sure that your target customer is seeing what your SMM is posting.

What if you need your SMM to be an expert at QC, Customer Service, Analytics, Lead Generation, Marketing Strategy and Analytics? Aren’t all these usually separate departments within a company with a well-qualified manager or at the very least a supervisor in each department?

Why are you leaving it up to an intern to handle all of this for 20 hours a week for $25/hour?

Because you can.

Feel free to give me a call and I’d be happy to show you how your business is doing on social media. We can easily see the analytics using a Pro Marketing Platform or we can use yours.

You do have a platform, do you?

Connect with me here.

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