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We help regional companies promote their products across digital and social media channels. We specialize in driving success in home improvement, healthcare, assisted living, 55+, specialty niches, and influencers. Small business owners who are experts at what they do and know they need help with their digital reputation, promotion, video, and online advertising. We are experts in our field and we want to work side by side to with customers who are experts in their field and want to be #1 in their markets. We bring all the tools together in one place for a small business owner to better manage their online profile or hire us and our team to do it for them! We work with and provide a pro platform plus services solution that includes social management, reputation, review responses, lead tracking, and local SEO citations for $510. See for more info.

Many small businesses don’t advertise because they don’t have the time to figure it out AND they don’t want to waste money trying to figure it out. Our local market experts take the guessing out of digital advertising. We do what we know makes sense to you and to us. Number 1: make sure your customers can find you online. Number 2: make sure prospective customers looking for your services can find you. Number 3: make sure your prospective customers choose you over your competitor. For core digital options like Social Posting, Reputation Management, Google for Small Biz, Listings, SEO/SEM, Paid Social, and Web Development see our CORE DIGITAL AD PRODUCTS iMedia Audiences has taken all our digital expertise to meet the demands of top niche and volume advertisers and applied it in a cost effective way for local and regional businesses. We call them ‘CORE DIGITAL’ because they are digital products that every business needs. We have 3 simple packages listed above: Digital Foundations, Digital Growth, and Digital Growth II. The key aspect of online advertising is to make sure you are getting more value out of your online advertising that you are spending. Value could be getting new customers or it could be saving you time so you can do more work.

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7 Simple Takeaways On Finding An Expert…

What To Look For In a Digital Marketing “Specialist” If you’ve been in business for some time, you may have experienced some rough lessons in choosing people to work with.…

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Summer Planning: Crafting Your 2024 Digital Advertising Roadmap

It still feels like we lost 2 years of our life to Covid it was good for home improvement and bad for restaurants but it's time to shake off the…

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Covid Recovery in New England

Planning for the Summer Surge 2021

An Advertising Roadmap for the Return to Normal Communities and consumers are preparing for a 'return to normal' as summer months draw closer.  This creates a huge opportunity for businesses…

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Healthcare and Tourism Plan for the Summer Surge

      Planning for the Summer Surge 2021 Updated for 2024 Embracing Summer 2024: Crafting a Strategic Advertising Roadmap 

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Don’t Pay More Than $510 Per Month On Social Media…

If you think Social Media is important enough for you to need Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest, you need to read this. In order for social media to work, you need…

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IAB Study Shows Brands Should Advertise on Trusted News, Video?

iMediaAudiences Sees Record Level of Traffic and Engagement on News Sites: IAB study shows consumers appreciate brands more when they advertise in the news. HARVARD, MA, USA, October 14, 2020…

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Looking Back At The Early Days Of Facebook

Joshua Iverson has a long history in the online advertising industry. And "Why One Of Facebook's Earliest Ad Sales Guys Decided Not To Join The Company," details his early influence…

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Inside Facebook’s Earliest Ad Deals

"Inside Facebook's Earliest Ad Deals" documents how one of today's most successful sites started earning ad revenue. It details how iMediaSalesTeam's own, Joshua Iverson, had a hand in the early…

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Joshua Iverson Raising Money For Jumpstart

MediaSalesTeam's Founder, Joshua Iverson, will be running in the 2013 Boston Marathon and he'll be putting his hard work to good use. He is raising money for iMediaSalesTeam's 2013 official…

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New Nielsen Report Declares Boomers The Most Valuable Generation

The Boomer Generation is 80 million strong and has always had the distinction as the largest generation in US history. And they dominated marketers' mindsets as they matured. But as…

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