An Advertising Roadmap for the Return to Normal

Communities and consumers are preparing for a ‘return to normal’ as summer months draw closer.  This creates a huge opportunity for businesses to get in front of consumers while they are planning what they do and where they spend their time and money. As Harvard Business Review states, “We want to resume the activities we love, make progress, achieve our goals, and not let the pandemic prevent us from living our lives. Spending is a part of that.

Phase 1: March-May

This period is likely before the country opens up at large and before the larger overall COVID restrictions are lifted. We expect advertisers to let people know they’re open, what they’re doing
during the reopening period, and why someone should shop at their store.

Phase 2: May & June

With rampant vaccine rollout, May and June are expected to be a re-opening period for the majority of communities, producing a flood of foot traffic and a surge in spending. It’s a critical time for advertisers to give customers inspiration and offers. Businesses should differentiate themselves from their competitors during this time, providing a unique selling proposition. Aggressive offers and messages of perseverance over the pandemic are expected to stimulate spending. “Money will start to flow like lifeblood through the economy,” HBR asserts.

Phase 3: July – September

July through September, it’s expected everything will be widely open. It’s time for businesses to continue advertising their differentiators, convert customers, close sales, track results and take advantage of the recovery. By now, advertisers who have been branding themselves since spring will be in the best position to optimize their efforts for the late summer and fall, activating new customer loyalty strategies and working on their Q4 planning.

Best Practices

Leverage these tactics to reach potential customers

Phase 1

Advertise in March through mid-May while consumers are making decisions on where they will go and what they will do this spring and summer. The last 12 months have changed the way consumers interact with businesses and do their shopping. Let consumers know how to do business with you in this Phase and begin branding yourself to ensure you are top-of-mind throughout the spring and summer. This includes everything from what safety precautions you are taking to whether you have new hours, offerings, or ways of doing business. Keep your website and communication channels up to date on these changes. Consider stepping up your Local SEO efforts to gain visibility and installing a Chat Bot on your website to increase communication. Start targeting your best customers with programmatic display ads, branding your business and engaging your audience. Think about your customer’s comfort level and be clear on the best way to buy from your business.

Whether it’s getting a quote online, using a new e-commerce portal, drive-up or pick-up options, in-store caps on customers, or contactless interactions, make buying easy and advertise it often. Experts advise businesses to associate their brand with positive associations like perseverance, socialization, exploration, and celebration. Post-COVID, consumers are looking for the ‘win’ in the year-long
pandemic they’ve persevered through.

Phase 2

Differentiate your business in May and June. Tell customers why they should do business with you over the competition. What unique product or service do you offer? Do you have better customer service than your competition, a more customized approach, or a health-conscience shopping experience? A few great stats to consider:

  • 67% of customers are willing to pay more for better customer service,
    according to the International Council of Shopping Centers.
  • One in 5 customers seek customized products or services and will pay 20%
    more for them.
  • Consumers are more likely to do business with companies who advertise h
    they are protecting the health and safety of customers and employees.

Programmatic advertising is a great way to reach a customized audience interested in your product or service, as well as those in various stages of reemergence from COVID. Geo-fencing your competitor’s locations and nearby neighborhoods to conquest new customers is a must-have in your marketing
plan to ensure you are reaching your full market.

Phase 3

Create conversion opportunities. July through September is a period where everything will likely be open. It’s time to convert, close sales, track results, and take advantage of the recovery and stimulus.

Offer promotions and sales targeting current customers, competitors’ customers and your local neighborhood to ensure you’re maximizing your reach. Advertising experts advise brands to skip the platitudes and focus on recovery and resilience to help consumers spend or indulge in new products or services. Brands should also focus on affordable, value-packed products and services. Your digital ad mix should target those ready to buy your product with programmatic display while you continue conquesting and retargeting ads to drive results. If you followed this plan for spring and early summer, leads and sales should be keeping your business busy by now.


Don’t take your customer base for granted. COVID has shaken customer loyalty to the core. The majority of customers experienced disruptions, tested new brands and encountered obstacles when buying over the last year. Make sure you are advertising to your Top 3:

  1. Past customers who want to know how and what you are doing.
  2. Nearby customers who want to support their local businesses.
  3. Look alikes of your best customers, down to their demos, behaviors, where they shop and what they are interested in.

Recommended Products

To set up your marketing mix for optimal results, there are 5 key strategies EVERY business should include:

Local SEO

Have you ever looked up a business online only to discover the information, hours or offerings were incorrect? Make sure that doesn’t happen to you and invest in optimizing your Google My Business Page for maximum traffic and results.

A ChatBot

63% of customers prefer messaging an online chatbot to communicate with a business or brand, according to G2Crowd. This allows your business to deliver prompt responses and capture leads.

Programmatic Display

Programmatic display is the best way to reach customers interested in your product or service, track their engagement and optimize for results.


Retargeting ads should include reasons to come back to your site and buy.

Device ID

Target your past customers, your neighborhood, and competitor customers alike through Device ID/geofencing options to ensure you are in front of the most relevant audience and tracking foot traffic or sales throughout your campaign.


Experts advise businesses to associate their brand with positive associations like perseverance, socialization, exploration, and celebration. PostCOVID, consumers are looking for the ‘win’ in the
year-long pandemic they’ve persevered through.

Deals and Offers

Many industries are heavily offer-driven. Consider highlighting promotions or discounts to drive purchases in your messaging.

Showcase Value

Now more than ever potential customers are making decisions based on reputation and value. Focus messaging on differentiators, years in business, customer service, customer testimonials, and similar information.

Highlight Safety

Communicate how your business and staff are adhering to local guidelines while continuing to provide a service or product. Promote the different ways to interact with your business (online order, curbside pick up, appointments, etc.).

Case Study

Online Retailer

This retailer’s campaign saw an 18x return on investment leveraging Display.


The client’s main campaign goal was to increase the number of online orders for
multiple product lines.


The biggest challenge the client had been facing was the ability to track revenue for previous advertising efforts. We recommended running a Display campaign on our network. Prospective
customers were targeted based on a custom list of zip codes in the local market, as well as interests exhibited in the products sold by the retailer.


Over the five-month campaign, we served over 570,000 impressions with 433 clicks achieving a .08 click-through rate (CTR). We also recorded 1,074 post-impression conversions (.19% conversion rate) and tracked over $150,615 in revenue based on pixels implemented on the client’s conversion URLs. This gained revenue indicates an estimated 18x return-on-investment (ROI)!


If you think Social Media is important enough for you to need Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest, you need to read this.

In order for social media to work, you need to have 5 working departments.

  • Front Desk

Your social media presence needs to help your business run. Having an assistant help you manage your social presence is like maintaining the front desk.

Think about how this assistant responds to your customer’s questions, good or bad reviews, or needs that you can immediately promote or respond to quickly in a timely manner.

Having all social media platforms work efficiently is the job of your Social Media Manager at your front desk 24/7.

Keep your business running by being open at all times online.


  • Quality Control: (aka Your Online Reputation)

Your reputation nowadays can go viral and the next thing you know, your business can be on the local news. This can either have an amazing or ultra-damaging effect. You decide.

If companies have QC (Quality Control) departments, welcome to the new QC department: your Social Media Manager. Your SMM should have the skills to properly monitor reviews as well as a customer service supervisor.

Let’s face it. Consumers love to share their piece of mind on what they thought their experience was, either it was too fast, too slow, not enough, and did-it-meet-their-immediate-gratification-today? Not only is technology moving at warp speed but so is the expectancy of your customer which is vital to understand in today’s digital commerce.

1.   Who answers your phones?

2.   How long are they waiting on hold to be serviced?

3.   Was the person on the phone courteous and helpful?

4.   Did they meet the caller’s expectations?

This is just for starters on how your Social Media Manager can address upper management on what needs to be done. What is your SMM reporting to upper management on what needs to be improved? And fast?

  • Marketing Department

Engage your followers, (aka your target audience). If you’re advertising, what is your cost per sale? Once you make the sale, what is your customer retention rate?

Are you connecting with your customers on social platforms? Do you have templates to easily post and respond quickly within a day or two? What are people most likely talking about that would be helpful to know how to navigate your business more efficiently?

If you’re not engaging with your followers, guess what? Your competition is. Social media is a fabulous way for your competition to connect with your prospects while they are commenting on Facebook as they are looking for leads. Your leads.

Yesterday, a customer’s engagement would be just between you and them. Now, it’s you, them, and Facebook. Make sure not to lose customers to your competition this way.

Your competition that does so well on Facebook that you want to emulate are 1) paying attention to their QC by providing excellent service 2) offering them what their pain points are with your business, 3) acquiring your customers.

  • Lead Gen

Generate leads using Social Media. It’s amazing how LinkedIn has now offered businesses a way to attract and attain leads on their website. How genius! Well, are you watching?

If your Social Media Manager is not offering you leads, why aren’t they? Why not have your SMM generate digital and social leads? Leads should come from all over the internet and a way to find them is digitally (online) and socially.

  • Analytics Department

Improve your digital presence to improve your sell-through rateIt’s no wonder how tech giants have grown their sell-through rate by taking the demand of their online presence. It’s what makes a local company national and a national company global.

Even if you want to stay local, you will have to manage your online presence just to stay afloat because the global competitor is already an expert at reaching for your customers. (I can show you how this is done too.)

Businesses big and small have a huge advantage like never before. The key is in understanding how to sift through all this data. (Oh, and we haven’t talked about data too.)

And this is just the management part of it. This doesn’t cover making sure that your target customer is seeing what your SMM is posting.

What if you need your SMM to be an expert at QC, Customer Service, Analytics, Lead Generation, Marketing Strategy and Analytics? Aren’t all these usually separate departments within a company with a well-qualified manager or at the very least a supervisor in each department?

Why are you leaving it up to an intern to handle all of this for 20 hours a week for $25/hour?

Because you can.

Feel free to give me a call and I’d be happy to show you how your business is doing on social media. We can easily see the analytics using a Pro Marketing Platform or we can use yours.

You do have a platform, do you?

Connect with me here.

iMedia Audiences

Reptide Media

iMediaAudiences Sees Record Level of Traffic and Engagement on News Sites: IAB study shows consumers appreciate brands more when they advertise in the news.

HARVARD, MA, USA, October 14, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — iMediaAudiences Sees Record Level of Traffic and Engagement on News Sites: IAB study shows consumers appreciate brands more when they advertise in the news.

iMediaAudiences, which represents the largest online national news affiliate network and is a leader in outsourced digital media sales and ad operations, has long held that advertising on local news helps brands gain credibility with both new and current clients, something a recent study by IAB in collaboration with Magid Research seems to affirm.

“iMedia has been representing digital news websites for over 10 years and we have never seen the level of reader, brand, and media engagement that we do today.” said iMedia President and Founder, Josh Iverson. See Youtube Video Here.

“Online news is the new portal. Companies large and small should know that their customers are waking up and checking the news and they are going to sleep at night checking on the news,” Iverson continued. “There is a reason why Apple, Google, Facebook, and Snap are all investing heavily in traditional news media. iMediaAudiences can target sports content, home improvement any keywords and any audience base for our advertisers, but we have seen such amazing traffic from our leading news media clients, and now we know that advertisers who advertise tastefully on news can win some of that trust.”

It’s an advantageous time for direct advertisers and programmatic advertisers to work with iMedia to access the Infolinks news partner sites.”

— Bob Regular

CEO Bob Regular of Infolinks, an ad tech company that has 25,000 plus partner sites and over 2000 news sites, says “All key advertiser metrics are up. Ad visibility is up to 86%, ad engagement is at an all-time high. It’s an advantageous time for direct advertisers and programmatic advertisers to work with iMedia to access the Infolinks news partner sites.”

The study found that “advertising in the news is brand safe, increases trust, and drives consumers to take action.” according to a summary on the IAB website.

According to the study, consumers find brands that advertise in the news:
• 49% relevant to them
• 47% customer-focused
• 46% high quality

Consumers seeing brand advertisements on their favorite news outlets also:
• 45% are more likely to visit the brand’s website
• 43% would consider buying from the brand
• 39% are comfortable recommending the brand

On average, the study found that consumers follow 4 news sources and 7 in 10 consumers saw their news sources as trustworthy.

“Never has trusted news been more important in our society.” said David Cohen, Chief Executive Officer of study co-sponsor IAB. “While historically some brands have avoided news due to negative association concerns, the study found those concerns were unfounded.”

Today, iMediaAudiences reaches more news outlets in terms of sites than any other media entity. The company can help a local service provider, such as a doctor or lawyer, reach consumers in their local market by being on local news sites available through iMedia partnerships with CNN Newsource and Infolinks.

About iMediaAudiences:
iMediaAudiences.com offers premium media ad sales and ad operations outsourcing services to build brands, drive revenue, optimize ad ops, and provide end to end managed advertising and revenue services from campaign quality and success management to reporting and billing reconciliation. Our media clients include CNN Newsource, ThisOldHouse, Infolinks, and more. iMediaAudiences is a DBA of Iverson Media and Communications LLC. iMediaSalesTeam.com is #1 Platform for media sales pros representing major media firms and providing brands direct access to premium audiences. ReptideMedia.com is the #1 Platform for small businesses, podcasters, and others who need a dedicated marketing and social assistant who can easily plug into a top marketing and social media platforms.

MORE about iMediaAudiences.com Media Clients: https://imediaaudiences.com/media/

VIDEO FROM JOSHUA IVERSON regarding his thoughts on the IAB study: https://youtu.be/wbTVXtI1LmM

assistant@imediaaudiences.com 617-383-9900

Joshua Iverson
+1 617-383-9900
email us here
Visit us on social media:

iMediaAudiences Sees Record Level of Traffic on News Sites: IAB study shows brands win trust when they advertise

HARVARD, Mass., Sept. 30, 2020 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — iMediaAudiences (iMA) announces the appointment of Ad Operations Expert Advisory Board members: Tami DeLeeuw, Senior Manager of Advertising Operations at Ancestry.com Operations Inc. and Lee Pallotta, VP of Ad Operations at Monster Worldwide, Inc.

iMediaAudiences established the Ad Operations Expert Advisory Board

Expert advisory board members provide industry expertise to ensure iMA remains on the cutting edge of ad operations and managed services and offer solutions for top websites and media clients. iMA President and Founder, Josh Iverson, referred to DeLeeuw, and Pallotta as “ad ops all-stars who we are very fortunate to have on our advisory team.”

He added, “Their input and unique perspectives will be an invaluable contribution in shaping the ad ops services we offer to help media companies be more productive with less through outsourcing and automation. As executives of companies leading in their respective spaces, iMA Ad Operations Expert Advisory Board members will ask us tough questions and represent the voice of the customer to ensure our service offer is lockstep with the solutions clients are seeking.”

Board member Lee Pallotta brings over 15 years of experience in online publisher advertising to iMA. He has previously directed key ad tech transitions and global ad server migrations and currently manages day-to-day media operations across Monster.com, Military.com, Fastweb.com and FinAid.org.

When asked about his new board position at iMA, Pallotta was excited, noting, “I look forward to helping iMedia continue to build its services in the ad sales and ad operations spaces, at a time when online advertising is evolving in an unprecedented manner. I see great opportunity for advertisers, publishers, and ad tech partners to develop their businesses in response to this changing landscape, and I am happy to provide my perspective to iMedia as a member of their Expert Advisory Board.”

Board member Tami DeLeeuw brings over 14 years of advertising operations expertise to iMA as well as her experience from her current role managing ad ops for several owned publishers and ad platforms at Ancestry.com. Her previous work with iMA and her personal experience in keeping up with industry trends fueled her excitement “to be a part of what iMedia is building.” Said DeLeeuw, “I’ve worked with iMedia for a long time and have appreciated their team’s efforts to meet my needs over the years with the media brands I’ve ran ad operations and digital marketing for. I’ve attended so many conferences and seen a lot and enterprise publishers really need help to stay on top of what’s next.”

About iMediaAudiences:

iMediaAudiences.com offers premium media ad sales and ad operations outsourcing services to build brands, drive revenue, optimize ad ops, and provide end to end managed advertising and revenue services from campaign quality and success management to reporting and billing reconciliation. Our media clients include CNN Newsource, ThisOldHouse, Infolinks, and more. iMediaAudiences is a DBA of Iverson Media and Communications LLC. iMediaSalesTeam.com is #1 Platform for media sales pros representing major media firms and providing brands direct access to premium audiences. ReptideMedia.com is the #1 Platform for small businesses, podcasters, and others who need a dedicated marketing and social assistant who can easily plug into a top marketing and social media platforms.

MORE about iMediaAudiences.com services: https://imediaaudiences.com/managedsolutions/

FULL BIOS on iMediaAudiences.com Ad Op Expert Advisory Board Members

VIDEO FROM JOSHUA IVERSON welcoming new board members: https://youtu.be/qbu8xnbs10M

assistant@imediaaudiences.com 617-383-9900

*IMAGE link for media: https://www.Send2Press.com/300dpi/20-0930s2p-imediaaudiences-300dpi.jpg

*Caption: iMediaAudiences established the Ad Operations Expert Advisory Board to better services our ad operations clients.

On LinkedIn:

Write an article
#BoomerTalent in a #MillennialWorld. I wanted to take a moment to share an interview I just had with Paul Vogelzang @notoldbetter The Not Old Better Show podcast. The interview focuses on the idea of an encore career and talks about working with iMediaSalesTeam as one of our independent (1099 media sales professionals) you can find the podcast on iTunes here – or on Paul’s site https://notold-better.com/.

If you are looking to move into and encore career in sales or biz dev consider digital and social advertising and marketing by representing top online sites that hire our team exclusively to work on their behalf. Checkout iMediaSalesTeam.com/careers and we’ll get you on a networking call with a mentor or fellow team members to see if there are open territories to join our virtual team.

Our firm didn’t start with a strategic focus to partner with boomers and we didn’t start out with a focus to represent top Boomer websites like Ancestry, Legacy, and NextAvenue.org (or represent top Millennial/College media sites like custom data for Facebook and ReptideMedia). I had a strategic focus to partner with best-in-the-world sales professionals who could see the opportunity of exclusivity working on behalf of top sites and media companies. Today, 90% of the current iMediaSalesTeam is age 55+ and we are proud of it. We are just a tight group of pros working as fellow team members. More experience, more contacts, more knowing what you want and need in life, more everything. I get to be a support coordinator and learn everyday from my colleagues and we mentor each other.

iMediaSalesTeam/iMediaAudiences is moving into our own encore, we are taking what we’ve all learned and opening it up to more regions and more independent media professionals and taking on more sites and partners who share our vision and can commit to our team. We are looking at representing podcasters with 1MM + streams per episode and sites with 500K+ plus monthly unique visitors who need ad ops, ad serving, an sales people support.

These comments are focused on the #ageism that I’ve observed from media sales colleagues (mostly male 50+) in hot markets (NY etc.) who can’t seem find a decent gig…working for bad companies, changing jobs every 3 months, bad mangers who know less and get paid more, and even hourly gigs are in short supply, however, I’m sure a similar article could be written about a similar lack of gig opportunities for new moms who are looking for flexibility and can’t seem to get the same gig they had before baby. We welcome and love our mammas just as much as 50+ adults;) See this spotlight article of iMediaSalesTeam member Sharon Edlefson.

Today, there are more opportunities in building a business as a #contract #freelance digital social/marketing professional than ever. If you are motivated, organized, good at sales or business development and are considering real estate, insurance, or starting your own business you might considering looking at the iMediaSalesTeam/iMediaAudiences/ReptideMedia platform and model. If you’ve sold media fantastic if you haven’t we can mentor/train you. Fill in the form at iMediaSalesTeam.com/careers and we’ll get you on a networking call with a mentor or fellow team members to see if there are opportunities to join our virtual team.

Here are some articles on the age gap that exist for the 50+:



The landscape of B2B transactions is an intimidating one to a cold caller. When trying to secure media spending goes towards the content you sell, or the opposite, it pays to have a network.

The network that iMedia Sales Team provides means that you will always have a source of leads and a team to help direct and strategize with.

We want the freedom and profit of independence, but with the benefits of existing relationships.

iMedia brings those two things together, and avoid the sort of “Death of a Saleman” mentality that bizjournal published in their work:


“I did not need experience with online advertising to get started, I could learn to sell advertising. I needed the determination to design my schedule around my priorities, and that I had.” – Sharon Edlefsen, Wife and Mother

There never seems to be enough hours in the day to focus on our real priorities in life. This became apparent when Paul and Sharon Edlefsen decided to make raising their child a top priority.  Sharon had worked in Healthcare Administration for 5 years and had grown her career working with a fortune 500 company. After leaving in 1998 she worked a few contract jobs and then as a telephone operator and marketer. This allowed her to be at home with her son as much as possible during his first years.

Sharon learned about an opportunity selling online ads and developing ad strategies for Meridian Magazine. Within the first year of building a presence for Meridian Magazine in online advertising, she was able to leave the telephone marketing position and turn her attention towards advertising. This supplied her with a more than comfortable living and the freedom she needed to spend time with her family. In 2008 she joined one of the original Ancestry.com founders to build Precision Ad Network. Sharon stayed with Precision until they joined the iMedia family of sites. Her story inspired the policies of our growing network of media professionals. Everyone working with iMedia has the time to make a great living, be PTA president for their child’s school or their soccer coach, whatever is important and meaningful for raising your child.

“I was not afraid of trying something new. There was simply no two ways about it, I had to have a job that supported what I believed in most.” – Sharon Edlefsen

Starting your own business and building a portfolio of ad clients and publishers may seem intimidating. Sharon agrees, it was, it took hard work and determination. Her father’s entrepreneurial spirit taught her not to fear change or challenge. This lesson is one she also taught her child. She worked wherever she wanted to be. Whether she was calling clients in a parking lot during her son’s practice or working evenings, as necessary, when her husband was home with their son. Taking advantage of modern technology, such as a smart phone and Wi-Fi, Sharon had the freedom and the mobility to meet most of her priorities, never feeling tied to an office or a desk. Being part of a strong network of media professionals all with personal ownership means priorities are left where they belong. For 18 years Sharon has been where she wanted to be, when she wanted to be there, such as on the sidelines cheering on her rugby loving son.

Written by: Josh Iverson, @JoshiMediaSales

Regardless of your politics, the new tax plan is going to be a boom for freelance or independent 1099 contractors–both those who have formed their own LLC and sole proprietors. Independent media professionals like our team at iMediaSalesTeam will also benefit from the tax cut. Ryan Westenskow, Partner at Red Rock CPAs says, “assuming they are married and their respective QBI is $315K or less, the advantages can be quite significant as they offer an extra 20% deduction right off the top.’

According to @eMarketer Digital, spending will see double-digit growth from 2017 to 2018 and soar from $83.00 billion in 2017 to $129.23 billion in 2021. Digital ad expenditures surpassed TV for the first time in 2016, and the gap will widen by roughly $11 billion this year. It’s unlikely that a traditional sales guy generating 10 million a year will be paid 1 million in commission, but as an independent sales person I’ve had ~ 1 million dollar years and I don’t see any reason that can’t be repeated for iMediaSalesTeam members and other independent media professionals if they get the model right.

The market is growing. Technology, digital marketing scale, and social reach have finally converged to make million dollar commissions possible, not only in national markets, but also in local and regional markets.

I started working as an independent media sales consultant in 2009 when NBC Universal acquired Weather Channel Companies and decided they didn’t need my small Boston team. The market was beginning to change. There were fewer media companies offering $100K+ a year and even fewer offering products that advertisers were buying. It seemed that very few of my colleagues were able to stay at the same gig for more than a year. Unrealistic budget goals and changing technology meant more pressure and turnover. I felt like it was less risky to work independently: as an independent consultant, if I worked with five media companies and one let me go, I still had four more. I worked my own hours, expensed my home office costs, and was able to focus on my own brand and goals.

The new tax plan will benefit both independent media professionals and others collecting income from some form of pass-through business.  2018 is a great time to maximize your independent revenue. We are aiming to make this the best year to join iMediaSalesTeam (iMedia Careers). Pairing the tax benefits with iMedia’s people, platform, and portfolio, we aim to launch new media markets to new independent sales professionals and set them up to make as much money as possible in 2018.

For more information regarding the tax plan, see this Forbes article. https://www.forbes.com/sites/kellyphillipserb/2017/12/22/what-tax-reform-means-for-small-businesses-pass-through-entities/#463ab8ac6de3

Joshua Iverson has a long history in the online advertising industry. And “Why One Of Facebook’s Earliest Ad Sales Guys Decided Not To Join The Company,” details his early influence on a then new start up called TheFacebook. Joshua recounts his interaction with Facebook senior leaders including Mark Zuckerberg and Eduardo Saverin. Fortunately, for iMediaSalesTeam’s current partners Josh missed the Facebook IPO and is not currently sitting on a yacht sipping his yerba mate. Josh and the rest of the team remain anxiously engaged in working creatively with new advertisers and building strong ad programs that will drive revenue for partner web properties. Who knows? iMediaSalesTeam and Reptide Media might just get to represent the next Facebook.View Article Here.


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