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#BoomerTalent in a #MillennialWorld. I wanted to take a moment to share an interview I just had with Paul Vogelzang @notoldbetter The Not Old Better Show podcast. The interview focuses on the idea of an encore career and talks about working with iMediaSalesTeam as one of our independent (1099 media sales professionals) you can find the podcast on iTunes here – or on Paul’s site https://notold-better.com/.

If you are looking to move into and encore career in sales or biz dev consider digital and social advertising and marketing by representing top online sites that hire our team exclusively to work on their behalf. Checkout iMediaSalesTeam.com/careers and we’ll get you on a networking call with a mentor or fellow team members to see if there are open territories to join our virtual team.

Our firm didn’t start with a strategic focus to partner with boomers and we didn’t start out with a focus to represent top Boomer websites like Ancestry, Legacy, and NextAvenue.org (or represent top Millennial/College media sites like custom data for Facebook and ReptideMedia). I had a strategic focus to partner with best-in-the-world sales professionals who could see the opportunity of exclusivity working on behalf of top sites and media companies. Today, 90% of the current iMediaSalesTeam is age 55+ and we are proud of it. We are just a tight group of pros working as fellow team members. More experience, more contacts, more knowing what you want and need in life, more everything. I get to be a support coordinator and learn everyday from my colleagues and we mentor each other.

iMediaSalesTeam/iMediaAudiences is moving into our own encore, we are taking what we’ve all learned and opening it up to more regions and more independent media professionals and taking on more sites and partners who share our vision and can commit to our team. We are looking at representing podcasters with 1MM + streams per episode and sites with 500K+ plus monthly unique visitors who need ad ops, ad serving, an sales people support.

These comments are focused on the #ageism that I’ve observed from media sales colleagues (mostly male 50+) in hot markets (NY etc.) who can’t seem find a decent gig…working for bad companies, changing jobs every 3 months, bad mangers who know less and get paid more, and even hourly gigs are in short supply, however, I’m sure a similar article could be written about a similar lack of gig opportunities for new moms who are looking for flexibility and can’t seem to get the same gig they had before baby. We welcome and love our mammas just as much as 50+ adults;) See this spotlight article of iMediaSalesTeam member Sharon Edlefson.

Today, there are more opportunities in building a business as a #contract #freelance digital social/marketing professional than ever. If you are motivated, organized, good at sales or business development and are considering real estate, insurance, or starting your own business you might considering looking at the iMediaSalesTeam/iMediaAudiences/ReptideMedia platform and model. If you’ve sold media fantastic if you haven’t we can mentor/train you. Fill in the form at iMediaSalesTeam.com/careers and we’ll get you on a networking call with a mentor or fellow team members to see if there are opportunities to join our virtual team.

Here are some articles on the age gap that exist for the 50+:



The landscape of B2B transactions is an intimidating one to a cold caller. When trying to secure media spending goes towards the content you sell, or the opposite, it pays to have a network.

The network that iMedia Sales Team provides means that you will always have a source of leads and a team to help direct and strategize with.

We want the freedom and profit of independence, but with the benefits of existing relationships.

iMedia brings those two things together, and avoid the sort of “Death of a Saleman” mentality that bizjournal published in their work:


“I did not need experience with online advertising to get started, I could learn to sell advertising. I needed the determination to design my schedule around my priorities, and that I had.” – Sharon Edlefsen, Wife and Mother

There never seems to be enough hours in the day to focus on our real priorities in life. This became apparent when Paul and Sharon Edlefsen decided to make raising their child a top priority.  Sharon had worked in Healthcare Administration for 5 years and had grown her career working with a fortune 500 company. After leaving in 1998 she worked a few contract jobs and then as a telephone operator and marketer. This allowed her to be at home with her son as much as possible during his first years.

Sharon learned about an opportunity selling online ads and developing ad strategies for Meridian Magazine. Within the first year of building a presence for Meridian Magazine in online advertising, she was able to leave the telephone marketing position and turn her attention towards advertising. This supplied her with a more than comfortable living and the freedom she needed to spend time with her family. In 2008 she joined one of the original Ancestry.com founders to build Precision Ad Network. Sharon stayed with Precision until they joined the iMedia family of sites. Her story inspired the policies of our growing network of media professionals. Everyone working with iMedia has the time to make a great living, be PTA president for their child’s school or their soccer coach, whatever is important and meaningful for raising your child.

“I was not afraid of trying something new. There was simply no two ways about it, I had to have a job that supported what I believed in most.” – Sharon Edlefsen

Starting your own business and building a portfolio of ad clients and publishers may seem intimidating. Sharon agrees, it was, it took hard work and determination. Her father’s entrepreneurial spirit taught her not to fear change or challenge. This lesson is one she also taught her child. She worked wherever she wanted to be. Whether she was calling clients in a parking lot during her son’s practice or working evenings, as necessary, when her husband was home with their son. Taking advantage of modern technology, such as a smart phone and Wi-Fi, Sharon had the freedom and the mobility to meet most of her priorities, never feeling tied to an office or a desk. Being part of a strong network of media professionals all with personal ownership means priorities are left where they belong. For 18 years Sharon has been where she wanted to be, when she wanted to be there, such as on the sidelines cheering on her rugby loving son.

Written by: Josh Iverson, @JoshiMediaSales

Regardless of your politics, the new tax plan is going to be a boom for freelance or independent 1099 contractors–both those who have formed their own LLC and sole proprietors. Independent media professionals like our team at iMediaSalesTeam will also benefit from the tax cut. Ryan Westenskow, Partner at Red Rock CPAs says, “assuming they are married and their respective QBI is $315K or less, the advantages can be quite significant as they offer an extra 20% deduction right off the top.’

According to @eMarketer Digital, spending will see double-digit growth from 2017 to 2018 and soar from $83.00 billion in 2017 to $129.23 billion in 2021. Digital ad expenditures surpassed TV for the first time in 2016, and the gap will widen by roughly $11 billion this year. It’s unlikely that a traditional sales guy generating 10 million a year will be paid 1 million in commission, but as an independent sales person I’ve had ~ 1 million dollar years and I don’t see any reason that can’t be repeated for iMediaSalesTeam members and other independent media professionals if they get the model right.

The market is growing. Technology, digital marketing scale, and social reach have finally converged to make million dollar commissions possible, not only in national markets, but also in local and regional markets.

I started working as an independent media sales consultant in 2009 when NBC Universal acquired Weather Channel Companies and decided they didn’t need my small Boston team. The market was beginning to change. There were fewer media companies offering $100K+ a year and even fewer offering products that advertisers were buying. It seemed that very few of my colleagues were able to stay at the same gig for more than a year. Unrealistic budget goals and changing technology meant more pressure and turnover. I felt like it was less risky to work independently: as an independent consultant, if I worked with five media companies and one let me go, I still had four more. I worked my own hours, expensed my home office costs, and was able to focus on my own brand and goals.

The new tax plan will benefit both independent media professionals and others collecting income from some form of pass-through business.  2018 is a great time to maximize your independent revenue. We are aiming to make this the best year to join iMediaSalesTeam (iMedia Careers). Pairing the tax benefits with iMedia’s people, platform, and portfolio, we aim to launch new media markets to new independent sales professionals and set them up to make as much money as possible in 2018.

For more information regarding the tax plan, see this Forbes article. https://www.forbes.com/sites/kellyphillipserb/2017/12/22/what-tax-reform-means-for-small-businesses-pass-through-entities/#463ab8ac6de3

Joshua Iverson has a long history in the online advertising industry. And “Why One Of Facebook’s Earliest Ad Sales Guys Decided Not To Join The Company,” details his early influence on a then new start up called TheFacebook. Joshua recounts his interaction with Facebook senior leaders including Mark Zuckerberg and Eduardo Saverin. Fortunately, for iMediaSalesTeam’s current partners Josh missed the Facebook IPO and is not currently sitting on a yacht sipping his yerba mate. Josh and the rest of the team remain anxiously engaged in working creatively with new advertisers and building strong ad programs that will drive revenue for partner web properties. Who knows? iMediaSalesTeam and Reptide Media might just get to represent the next Facebook.View Article Here.

“Inside Facebook’s Earliest Ad Deals” documents how one of today’s most successful sites started earning ad revenue. It details how iMediaSalesTeam’s own, Joshua Iverson, had a hand in the early days selling Facebook advertising to savvy marketers. This look back proves that online advertising is a fast moving animal. When Joshua was trying to figure out how to sell Facebook back in 2004 he was covering new territory, there were no slam-dunks, ultimately success came from solid publisher and advertiser collaboration. And this drive for collaboration between publishers and advertisers is still evident today where Joshua and his colleagues at iMediaSalesTeam and Reptide Media work diligently to deliver advertising solutions that exceed expectations. View Article Here.

MediaSalesTeam’s Founder, Joshua Iverson, will be running in the 2013 Boston Marathon and he’ll be putting his hard work to good use. He is raising money for iMediaSalesTeam’s 2013 official charity, Jumpstart. Jumpstart’s mission is to ensure that every child in America enters school prepared to succeed. Every year, Jumpstart recruits and trains thousands of college students and community volunteers, called Corps members, to work with preschool children in low-income neighborhoods. Throughout the school year, Corps members dedicate several hours each week with their partner children to implement Jumpstart’s proven curriculum and develop the language, literacy, and social skills these children need to succeed in school and in life. To learn more about Jumpstart or to donate click here.

The Boomer Generation is 80 million strong and has always had the distinction as the largest generation in US history. And they dominated marketers’ mindsets as they matured. But as the Boomers have aged and are moving beyond the coveted 18-49 category, marketers have stopped focusing on them. Which this report points out is probably not wise. The reality is Boomers are too valuable to ignore.

The Simple Math

  • 44% of US Adult Population (80 million)
  • As they join the 50+ segment it is reaching 100 million consumers.
  • Between now and 2030, the 18-49 segment is expected to grow +12%, while the 50+ segment will expand +34%.

The report highlights “the facts that demonstrate that Boomers have the most and spend the most, that they are more tech savvy and more marketing-friendly than believed, but most importantly, that their business is winnable and losable. They are a much more sensitive and dynamic cohort than most realize.”

Boomers Value

In the next five years, Boomers are set to control 70 percent of the disposable income in the U.S. What’s more, they stand to inherit $15 trillion in the next 20 years. And Boomers dominate 119 of 123 consumer packaged goods categories (94%). They spend close to 50% of all CPG dollars, yet it is estimated that less than 5% of advertising dollars are targeted to adults 35-64.

  • 63% of Boomer HH Have At Least 1 Person Working
  • 49% of Total CPG Sales ($230 Billion)
  • Boomers spend close to $90 billion per year on cars
  • Boomers are 40% of Customers Paying For Wireless
  • Boomers are 41% of Customers Purchasing Apple Computers

Boomers Are Into Technology

Boomers represent one-third of all online and social media users. Close to another third of them – 29 million – say that they are heavy users of the Internet with over 8 million of them spending 20+ hours a week online.

  • 33% of all Social Media & Twitter
  • 53% of Boomers are on Facebook
  • 33% Are Heavy Internet Users
  • 33% Shop Online

Media Usage

Beyond their traditional love of television, it is the Boomers’ increasing presence of free time that is driving their heavy media consumption. They are consumers who consume media because they like to and they can.

Television viewership increases with age, and the Boomers remain one of the medium’s top viewing groups. On average, they spend 174 hours a month watching television, second only to the Traditionalists 65+ who log 205 hours of viewing per month.

Access The Full Report Here

Twice per year the Student Monitor publishes its Lifestyle & Media Report. The report details what college students are watching, reading and listening to.

Overall the report indicates yet again that college students are active consumers, with the interest, resources and mobility to shop for a wide variety of products and services. And the Spring 2012 study found that compared to last year college students have more money to spend. There were increases found for monthly discretionary spending (up 15% to $225), annual personal earnings (also up 15% to $4,809) and of the 50% that receive money from home also had an increase (up 19% to $315 per month). 9% are employed full time and almost half (46%) are employed part time.

The majority are studying Business (11%), followed by Engineering (7%), Health Professions (7%), Biology (6%), Education (5%) and Psychology (5%) continue to be the most common majors. One in four believe they will need more than four years to complete their undergraduate degree.

College Students spend a lot of time using technology – computers and cell phones are a campus staple. They do still find time to watch TV with Comedy Central, ABC, ESPN, FOX and MTV as the students’ favorite networks. But the majority are not watching their favorite TV shows on a TV set, as less than half (40%) of the time spent watching television is spent watching with a traditional TV set.

Media habits:

  • Less than half the time spent watching television is spent watching with a TV set (40%, down from 45% last year) and 56% are at least “Somewhat interested” in watching television exclusively online
  • Comedy Central, ABC, ESPN, FOX and MTV are students’ favorite networks (Family Guy, How I Met Your Mother, Jersey Shore, The Big Bang Theory, Walking Dead and ESPN SportsCenter are the most watched programs)
  • Cosmo, People, SI Vogue and ESPN The Magazine are students “best read” titles

The impact of technology:

  • 95% own a mobile phone. 64% (up from 54%) of owners own a Smartphone
  • 27%, up from 16% last year own an iPhone). 28% plan to purchase a new mobile and 43% of these plan to purchase an iPhone
  • 96% own a computer (88% a laptop, 19% a desktop, 10% a tablet and 4% a netbook)
  • Among computer owners 85% use a laptop most often
  • More students use an Apple computer than any other brand
  • 11% (including 15% of Juniors) plan to buy a new computer in the next 12 months

Most commonly visited sites:

  • Facebook
  • Zinch
  • Google
  • Amazon
  • Yahoo
  • Craig’s List

The five most commonly reported past week’s activities include;

  • Sent text
  • Logged onto a social network
  • Ate fast food off campus
  • Drank bottled water
  • Used a mobile phone to take/send a photo

Students as consumers:

  • 82% report “Once I find a brand I like, I don’t try new ones” and more than four in ten (42%) report “I like to buy the newest/latest version of a product
  • Fewer than a third of students (31%) agree with the statement “If I were purchasing a new vehicle, I would purchase a Chrysler, Ford or General Motors vehicle”
  • In a typical month at school 34% make a purchase at an off campus bookstore, 44% at an on campus bookstore, 70% at an off campus convenience store, 54% in a department store, 81% at a fast food restaurant and 71% at a gas station
  • 27% have a credit card in their own name (18% VISA, 8% MasterCard, 3% Discover and 2% American Express). Chase issues 19% of all students’ VISA and MasterCards, Back of America 17% and Wells Fargo 15%
  • When asked what they expect to be doing immediately following graduation, 50% expect to be employed full-time following graduation (only 2% expect to be unemployed)

iMediaSalesTeam and Reptide Media have come together in a powerful strategic partnership that expands the reach for brands and advertisers. In a fast evolving digital marketplace, brands are discovering the ability to scale campaigns across audience segments like never before. Reptide Media’s focus on the valuable 18-34 year old marketplace plus iMediaSalesTeam’s expansive reach into the boomer audience (age 45+) creates an effective, efficient, and powerful force in the digital advertising marketplace.


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