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Salt Lake City, Utah

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Sharon has been selling digital advertising since 2001. She specializes in Boomers & Seniors, Conservative Christian, Family Friendly and K-12 and College markets. Beginning in 2001 with Meridian Magazine, a small editorial magazine, she was responsible for all ad sales and ad strategies. Sharon was an integral part of a team that built the magazine to over 2 million unique visitors per month. In early 2009 Sharon assisted with the start-up of Precision Ad Network. In 90 days she was able to sign publishers creating an ad inventory of over 60 million monthly ads. In August of 2010 Sharon joined the iMedia Sales Team when iMedia partnered with Precision Ad Network. Her extensive experience working with advertisers over the past ten years qualifies her to help clients effectively target their internet advertising. Sharon is a true believer in developing win-win relationships and works efficiently to help her clients achieve their goals and increase their business.

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