Opportunity is missed by most people because  it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.

– Thomas Edison
Leading platform for independent media professionals

iMediaSalesTeam, Reptide Media, and iMediaAudiences have combined to build the leading platform for independent media professionals to work together.

What we can do
We are building a team of independent media professionals who work as a team to cover regions across the U.S.–providing immediate coast to coast coverage for media and ad tech partners.
Members can sell core digital products that any company large or small needs to be successful in today’s digital world.
Members gain exclusive access to our portfolio of premium sites and media companies.
Members can represent our portfolio is specific geos as well as offer additional services like ad operations for websites/media companies.
Members get the support to consult for social, media tech, and new media companies looking for strategy, marketing, and sales services.
We help members develop new marketing, advertising, and sales channels and solutions to help brands achieve market goals and drive ROI.


iMediaSalesTeam is a collaboration of online media professionals. We work as the ‘sales team’ for top brand web properties. As the ad sales team we work seamlessly with the ad ops teams to provide solid branding and performance solutions for advertisers and media buyers.

Web Properties

You can find our specialty social services and local digital covering niches like college/youth/millennial at Reptide Media, for a greater overview of our media properties and advertiser and brand offers please visit iMediaAudiences.com.
Why Do Media Companies Hire Our Firm?
With people on the East Coast, Mid-West, and West Coast we leverage top performing sales people across the US, who have the ability to make as much money selling your site as they would anywhere. (We are always looking for strong experienced hunters looking to make $200K+/year)

All our web properties receive weekly pipeline reports and participate in weekly team meetings to ensure one on one communication is occurring both “pre” and “post” sale between our sales people and the web property’s operations team.


Our method for achieving volume revenue is a dual approach between securing stable ad media budgets at CPMs, and matching industries and advertisers with our web property’s audience and how users interact with the property.


Revenue from advertising is our core. As a team we’ve sold over $200MM in advertising: banners, emails, registration path, etc. By partnering with us, our web properties are free to enhance their own core, be that in product development, operations, or other revenue streams.

Where Individuals Become a Community


Planning for the Summer Surge

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Healthcare and Tourism Plan for the Summer Surge


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If you think Social Media is important enough for you to need Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest, you need to read this. In order for social media to work, you need to have 5 working departments. Front Desk Your social media presence needs to help your business run. Having an assistant help you manage your social presence is like maintaining the […]

iMediaAudiences Sees Record Level of Traffic on News Sites: IAB Study Shows Brands Should Advertise on News

iMediaAudiences Sees Record Level of Traffic and Engagement on News Sites: IAB study shows consumers appreciate brands more when they advertise in the news. HARVARD, MA, USA, October 14, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — iMediaAudiences Sees Record Level of Traffic and Engagement on News Sites: IAB study shows consumers appreciate brands more when they advertise in the news. iMediaAudiences, which represents the […]

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